The need of an easy and efficient way to interface a silicon device in or out of the traditional In-System Programming process has been a matter for a long time. A true-portable solution to operate on a target device, which is already mounted on a final product, during the post-production or post-sales process would be an extremely helpful outcome.


Bsmart is a brand-new interfacing system that allows to operate on a silicon device whenever and wherever you need. Bsmart has a compact and portable design, and, thanks to its pocket-sized format, it can be profitably used during an on-site intervention or simply on a laboratory bench. Bsmart can be power supplied by a conventional power adapter through power jack or by an optionally mountable battery pack. Bsmart is easily managed by a host PC through Ethernet LAN connection and USB-UART connection or, to gain portability, by Bsmart App for Tablet and Smartphone via Bluetooth connection. Bsmart is able to interface microprocessors, serial memories, and many other silicon devices directly through the common communication protocols or via CAN/CAN-FD/LIN bus. Bsmart combines compactness, portability, configurability, and high performance in a truly all-around system.

Harness the full potential of device programming with the Bsmart programmer – equipped with state-of-the-art 2.0 technology. This innovative device supports over 8000 devices from the inclusive device list, while providing an intuitive GUI that streamlines project development and execution.

Furthermore, the Bsmart product line boasts the following characteristics:

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Capability to be accessorized
  • Programming speed and durability

Bsmart is fundamental for:

  • Laboratory applications
  • End-users
  • Any scenario that necessitates intelligent flashing

Initiate your journey with Bsmart as your guide towards the seamless integration of the FlashRunner 2.0 technology into your industrial environment.