Experience the ultimate in eMMC device programming with the Bsmart EMMC kit – the cutting-edge solution that eliminates slow and outdated methods for good.
With transfer speeds of up to 30 MB/s using the advanced eMMC 4-bit protocol, this kit offers lightning-fast performance that is second to none.
Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice programmer, the Bsmart EMMC kit is the key to unlocking your full potential.
Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your programming capabilities – order your Bsmart EMMC kit today and experience the difference for yourself.


This item: eMMC
1 × Bluetooth interface
1 × Cybersecurity Pack


Supported device list

Support protocols: eMMC 1-bit, eMMC 4-bit.


Hardware features

  • small form factor to foster portability and easy handling;
    • 128 mm x 70 mm x 18 mm without battery pack
  • supplied through a 15V power adapter (not included);
  • isolated Ethernet LAN 10/100/1000 wired communication interface;
  • isolated USB-UART wired communication interface;
  • highly configurable Digital Input Output (DIOs) lines to support interfacing to microprocessors and serial memories (up to 8 Digital Input Output lines);
  • Digital Input Output signals frequency up to 75MHz;
  • DIOs programmable voltage (VPROG0) and additional programmable voltage (VPROG1) provided to the target device:
    • VPROG0 voltage range 1.2V – 5.5V @ 1A max
    • VPROG1 voltage range 3.3V – 12.0V @ 1A max
  • continuous monitoring of output power rail voltages and currents;
  • Intel SOC FPGA with 800MHz ARM Cortex-A9 Hard Processor System;
  • 512 MB on-board RAM DDR3 dynamic memory;
  • Micro SD Card reader with up to 256 GB static memory;
  • On-board timekeeper and calendar for time-stamped log file.

Software features

  • Linux Embedded operating system;
  • DLL (C, C++, C#), easy integration with Teststand/Labview/CVI;
  • Continuous current and voltage monitoring during flashing process;
  • Dynamic pinout management on device connector through digital lines shuffling;
  • Watchdog feeder through frequency trimmable square wave generator;
  • Runtime defined serial numbering thanks to dynamic data flashing;
  • Firmware (FRB) integrity check through CRC calculation;
  • User permission management;
  • B SMART Workbench GUI to easily create and modify programming projects;
  • Advanced FRB Manager for FRB generation and firmware conversion;
  • Files and projects transfer management;
  • Log file production and Control Report;

Included accessories

  • Interface Board;
  • LAN cable;
  • USB cable.